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Everything is going mobile. With the explosion of powerful mobile platforms for consumers, the use of mobile technology has become nearly as ubiquitous as web browsers. Given that the mobile environment continues to evolve, the needs of our clients are more dynamic than ever.

Some of the frequent requests we hear from our clients are helping them to:

  • Determine a mobile strategy
  • Build an application for the app store
  • Take an existing application and enable it for mobile
  • Mobile-enable my workforce
  • Need to build a stand-alone mobile application that can run in off-line mode
  • Integrate an existing mobile application with my back-office systems
  • Roll-out a locked down version of a mobile platform
  • Deploy an internal facing, enterprise mobile application
  • Collect data from the field using a mobile device and feed that information to a back-office reporting solution

At SolTech, we understand that technology is just one piece of the mobile strategy puzzle. Although the right technology does not assure success, a poorly chosen and implemented technology can prove to be limiting at best and detrimental at worst. Even with the many options available today, there is not a one-solution-fits-all option. That is why SolTech actively recommends and implements mobile solutions using all available approaches to best fit your situation and need so your mobile solution will carry you into the future.



Today, there are three main avenues that can get our clients across the mobile finish line:

  • Responsive design
  • Native development
  • Unifying technologies

Each of these approaches has their pros and cons. A responsively designed website means your webpages will look great no matter what device (computer, tablet, phone) it is viewed on, but it isn’t a true mobile app. Native development gives you complete freedom to design the app you want, but it means you will have to duplicate that effort for each operating system (Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows 8), which can be expensive and create a maintenance headache. Unifying technologies provides a middle ground with a real mobile app and a single development effort but there are some limitations on what the platform can support.

Mobile development is a very dynamic landscape with constantly evolving technologies. SolTech maintains a diverse mobile team that includes specialists in areas like iOS development, Android development, HTML5, Responsive Design, and mobile frameworkslike PhoneGap. If you haven’t quite determined your mobile strategy and are still determining which implementation approach is best for you then we can certainly help you.

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